RSVP for Car Care Clinic

Welcome to the Toole's Garage 1st Annual Women and Young Drivers Car Care Clinic page!

On October 25th from 10 am to 11:30 am we will be hosting a NO CHARGE fun event. The purpose of the clinic is to empower women and young drivers to have the confidence in their abilities to find and work with auto repair shops. Also, we will be teaching some of the basic fundamentals of car maintenance.

There will be some HANDS ON stuff that we encourage your to perform if you are interested. Everything will be very clean for you, but for those that WANT to get dirty, we will have some stuff for that too!

It should be informative and fun, after all, that is what Toole's Garage is all about anyway!

There will be pastries and beverages and some gifts and raffles. SPACE IS LIMITED, so please RSVP below so we can make sure you are well taken care of!

We look forward to seeing you!!! We hope you have a blast!