• Tires in San Carlos, CA

    Monday 16 October 2017

    Hey all!    I often get asked the question "Do you replace tires at Toole's Garage?". Well, we absolutely do take care of our clients tires, we also align the vehicle as well. What you should know about tires however, is something that most tire places don't know, or won't mention. The reason why tires vary in price so much is mostly due to the quality of the tire, in some cases, the brand name... read more

  • The Importance of Oil Changes

    Thursday 24 August 2017

    Hey All,      Yes, I am writing about an Oil Change. Why? I will tell you. This is me hopping on my soapbox. Engine oil is the life blood of your engine. Technology has changes, engines are getting more precision, lighter, physically smaller, etc. Oil has gotten better as well. Here is where the problem starts. Manufacturers are recommending oil changes due to driving styles, measured by analytics.This is not ac... read more

  • Do struts need to be replaced?

    Monday 21 August 2017

    Hey fans!   I get many phone calls from potential clients that ask me if their shocks or struts really need to be replaced. They usually say, "my car does not seem bouncy" or " my car seems to handle very well". Those are both true statements. The downside to cars today is that they are built so well...........Did I just say that???? Yes, they are built very well, components last longer and th... read more

  • Ceramic Brake pads, are they worth it?

    Monday 21 August 2017

    Hey Fans and people who just want to know!    I get the question asked a lot about brake pads. There are so many brands and types out there, it feels just like walking down a grocery isle. "Hmm, do I go for the pads on the top shelf, or grab the cheap ones down below?" I usually will go with some sort of OEM brake pad that is Ceramic based.There are basically 3 types of pads now, an organic material, a semi-metallic material, and ceramic mate... read more

  • What is a timing belt and why do I have to change it?

    Tuesday 08 August 2017

    Hey Fans!   I get this question asked a lot. What is a Timing Belt, and why do I have to change it? Simply put, the timing belt is a toothed belt that keeps the engine in sync, or as its name mentions, time. There are essentially 2 halves of an engine, an upper half and a lower half. The bottom side of the engine is the crankshaft, it is known as the rotating assembly because the pistons are connecte... read more