Audi AC Refill in Valley Springs, CA

Audi AC Refill in Valley Springs, CA


Audi a/c system needs regular maintenance – and one aspect of the Audi ac maintenance is a/c refill. We normally don’t think much about the air conditioning system – until it no longer blows the cold air we desire.

In Valley Springs, during summer, getting the a/c system working correctly is important. We recommend a/c check in the spring, so if it turns out that the system is not functioning correctly, you can get if fixed long before the hot summer days.

Your Audi’s a/c system can suffer from a variety of issues – ventilation fan not working, mildew or mold, leaks, bad air compressor – but if the air does blow, and it otherwise seems ok, but the air not as cold as you desire, there is a good chance that a/c refill is indicated.

In California we have stringent rules governing a/c refills. At Toole’s Garage we follow these rules not only because the government compels us to follow them, but also because they are good for the environment, and good for your pocketbook,

So the first thing we will do is check your Audi’s a/c system for leaks. Refilling a system that leaks would result in loss of refrigerant, and a new trip to a repair shop. If your vehicle uses the new R-1234YF refrigerant, it could become very expensive, since the new refrigerant is quite pricy.

Once we know there are no leaks in the system, we will refill the refrigerant, and test the a/c system at different settings – naturally we will check the hoses, blower motor, and cabin air temperature to make sure that the air conditioning system is performing as expected.

If you want to make sure your AC system is running at optimal efficiency, visit our shop in Valley Springs. One of our skilled Audi technicians will take an in-depth look at your vehicle to make sure that everything is working just right.  

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