Timing Chain Replacement in Valley Springs CA

Most car owners know that timing belts need to be replaced every 60,000 to 100,000 miles, but what about timing chains? Aren’t they supposed to last forever? Not quite. Even though timing chains can last much longer than timing belts, any given timing chain may require a replacement. The most frequent reason for timing chain replacement is stretching – yes, timing chains can stretch, causing misfires or poor engine performance. Audi vehicles in particular are known for stretched timing chains.

Signs of Timing Chain Problems:

Unlike the timing belts which can fail without a warning, typically your vehicle’s timing chain will give you advanced notice that things are going wrong – here are 3 hard to miss signs that the timing chain needs to be inspected by a professional mechanic:  

  1. Metal shavings – if during oil change your mechanic finds metal shavings in the engine oil, timing chain problem could be the cause
  2. Engine misfires or lack of acceleration (check engine light will come “on” as well)
  3. Rattling noise when idling – stretched timing chain may be the culprit

Any of the above symptoms should be a cause for concern, and it’s a good idea to call Toole’s Garage in Valley Springs to get your vehicle inspected by a professional. We will perform a thorough inspection, and if the timing chain is the culprit, we will recommend timing chain replacement. Upon your approval, one of our nationally ASE certified technicians will perform timing chain replacement, and tests to ensure that your vehicle is ready for the road. All work performed by our highly skilled mechanics is covered by 36 month / 36,000 mile nationwide warranty.

So if your vehicle rattles, or lacks power, call our Valley Springs auto repair shop, and our friendly service advisors will take care of you and your vehicle.  

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