Dave the Car Guy's car history and facts: The Honda CR-V 

DID YOU KNOW the Honda CR-V was considered a luxury vehicle in Japan when it was introduced in 1995 because its exterior width dimensions exceeded Japanese government regulations? Today Japan and the world knows the Honda CR-V as a compact SUV, or what we now call a crossover in the U.S.

The CR-V is Honda's entry level SUV and is manufactured in six countries including the U.S. (in East Liberty, Ohio). The "CR-V" stands for either "Compact Recreational Vehicle" or  "Comfortable Runabout Vehicle" depending on which country you are in.

In 2007 Honda CR-V became one of the Top 10 best selling vehicles of the year and overtook the Ford Explorer (which had held the title for 15 consecutive years) as the best-selling SUV in the U.S. Today, after four generations of advances and improvements, the Honda CR-V remains as popular as ever!

The Honda CR-V is a great vehicle and should provide you with reliable service over many years.  However if you do require Honda CR-V repair, here are some suggestions to help you to get these repairs completed in a cost effective manner.

The first thing to keep in mind is that it is very important to maintain your Honda CR-V properly.  This means that you should get regular oil changes and check to ensure that the oil level is properly maintained.  A vehicle which does not receive regular oil changes can exhibit problems much faster.

It is also very important to get your vehicle inspected and adjusted on a regular basis.  Things like brake pads can wear out and regular inspections can mean that you only need to replace a set of brake pads instead of an entire rotor assembly.

You can use the resources of the Internet to help you to identify the cause of problems with your vehicle.  It can then offer you options to get it taken care of.  One option is to perform the repair yourself.  There are many things you can do even if you are not an experienced mechanic.

Many websites address Honda CR-V repair and they offer detailed instructions and step by step pictures.  In most cases the instructions will tell you how challenging the repair can be.  So don’t attempt anything which you feel is beyond the scope of your skill and experience.

The Internet can also be a great way to find qualified repair facilities to take care of your Honda CR-V.  If you do a search on the topic, you will find many facilities listed in your area.  Many of these places have websites which offer a great deal of helpful information on repairs and expected costs.

Many of them also offer special discounts which are only available to website visitors.  So it can save you a good deal of money in the long run.

There are helpful forums which address repair issues with these vehicles.  You can learn from the experiences of other owners who have had different problems resolved.  In some cases you can contact a forum member directly and he/she will usually be more than happy to assist your further.

The Internet can also provide good ways to purchase any needed replacement at attractive savings over the dealership or local parts facilities.  If you know what is necessary, you can search through many online stores to find the best price.

In any case if you apply some of these suggestions, you’ll have a much easier time repairing your Honda CR-V properly and at the lowest possible cost.

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