Thanks Dave - as always you provided great service and information. I'll be back! Cheers Judy


It's great to go to a automotive repair business where you can have prompt service with complete trust and satisfaction.


Dave, Thanx for taking care of my 92 Accord. Totally outstanding service. Matt


We had quick and friendly service.


I value and appreciate the honesty & integrity that was apparent in my interactions and with the work that was done. Unlike most automotive places where your contact is on a superficial and guarded manner. My experience was quite the opposite and I found it to be a very welcoming and friendly establishment.


I am a long-time customer, and I've never had better service anywhere else. I keep buying Hondas because I can rely on my highly skilled and honest Honda mechanic!


Exceptional service from an exceptional mechanic!


Dave is the best!!! I will have to buy Acuras and Hondas for the rest of my life because I want Dave as my mechanic. He loves these cars, and he takes great care with both the cars and his customers. Thanks, Dave!


I love this place. Dave is awesome to work with and the best mechanic in the world. He's honest, detail oriented and makes sure the car is running at it's best without breaking your bank. Thanks Dave!!!


Dave - You have serviced my car over the last 9 months or more, and I just want to take time to say thank you very much in a bigger way. Its because you stand out from all the other car shops I have been to and finally feel I can settle down and not keep looking. Here are the 2 highest qualities I appreciate: 1. You look for root causes. And since I am a woman who unfortunately is not as savvy about car mechanics as her dad tried to teach her, I appreciate that you are thinking of me rather than yourself when it comes to money. I like that you respect my interest in learning and you always teach me about what part broke and what side effect it has. What a patient person you are! 2. You have honesty, integrity, and you love your work. It shows, and I hope your business continues to thrive (as long as I can still get my car serviced as timely as today. :)

Thanks Yvonne! It is always a pleasure to work with you. I can only respond by saying I am TRUELY honored to be your trusted auto repair shop. Toole's Garage