Ignition Coil Replacement in San Carlos, CA

Ignition Coil Replacement in San Carlos, CA - Toole's Garage

Spark plugs generate the sparks that keep the car engine running – but where do they get the power? This is the job of the ignition coil. It transforms low voltage electricity from your car’s battery into high voltage electricity that can reliably produce sparks that ignite the air-fuel mixture which powers your vehicle.

If the ignition coil starts to fail, it can cause a range of problems, and in the worst case scenario, it can make your car unusable until repairs are performed. Here is a short list of the problems you may encounter when the ignition coil starts to fail:

  • check engine light might come on
  • stalling
  • slow acceleration or loss of power
  • engine will run poorly

Sometimes we are asked if it’s possible to drive for a while with a bad ignition coil. Yes, it is, but it is not a good idea. You really should bring your car to an auto repair shop as soon as possible and have it repaired. Apart from the obvious danger of your car stalling at an intersection or while travelling on the freeway, one should also consider possible damage to the catalytic converter if it has to ingest only partially burned air and fuel mixture for extended periods of time.

So if your vehicle starts to exhibit any of the symptoms associated with ignition coil failure, we suggest making an appointment as soon as possible and getting your car professionally diagnosed. If the ignition coil is at fault, it can be replaced, and your vehicle will be ready for the road.

Toole’s Garage in San Carlos offers complete automotive care, including charging and starting system testing. Our technicians can inspect your vehicle, diagnose the root cause of the problem and get it fixed. Whether it’s the ignition coil, or some other component, your vehicle will be repaired and you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that it was in the hands highly skilled professionals who are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE).

We use Original Equipment or better quality parts, and offer nationwide 36 months / 36,000 miles warranty. You will also receive an electronic copy of the results of our complimentary digital vehicle inspection. We want you to understand overall condition of your vehicle and to keep the report for your records.

So if your vehicle suffers a loss of power, or stalls, call us to schedule an appointment, or make an appointment on our website. We will take good care of your car.

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