Mass Airflow Sensor Cleaning and Replacement in San Carlos, CA

Mass Airflow Sensor Cleaning and Replacement in San Carlos, CA - Toole's Garage

Welcome to Toole’s Garage in San Carlos. We offer wide range of automotive maintenance services and repairs, including mass air flow (MAF) sensor maintenance and replacement. Mass airflow sensor’s main function is to monitor and measure the air flowing into the engine – the results of the measurements are sent to the onboard computer that in real-time adjusts the amount of fuel that should be sent to the engine. Based on this information, it also calculates expected volume of exhaust gases.

Malfunctioning mass airflow sensor can cause engine to misfire, can cause loss of power, stalling, even failure to start. Rough idling and black smoke coming from the exhaust are two additional symptoms that may indicate problems with the mass air flow sensor. In most cases, the onboard computer will illuminate the Check Engine light if the mass airflow sensor is failing.

At Toole’s Garage we believe in preventive maintenance, so we recommend cleaning the mass airflow sensor regularly – good time to do that is when the air filter is replaced. If cleaning does not clear up more serious symptoms, like misfires, power loss or stalling, the mass airflow sensor (MAF) may need to be replaced. Failing MAF not only causes engine performance problems, but can result in catalytic converter damage if not corrected in a timely fashion.

If your vehicle exhibits any of the symptoms of mass airflow failure, we recommend a visit to your friendly mechanic. At Toole’s Garage we employ nationally ASE certified technicians who will use state-of-the-art digital tools to diagnose your vehicle’s problems. Our San Carlos auto repair shop also provides:

  • 36 months / 36,000 miles warranty (nationwide)
  • Free Digital Vehicle Inspection with repairs or service
  • Convenient and complimentary local Lyft
  • Toole’s Garage is Repair Pal “Top Shop” Award winner
  • Nationally ASE certified mechanics
  • Same day service completion in most cases
  • Original Equipment or better quality parts

So if your vehicle shows symptoms of mass air flow sensor problems, or any other problems that impact drivability  or engine performance, we recommend a visit to Toole’s Garage in San Carlos. Our technicians will take great care of your car. You can set up an appointment on our website, or call us at the shop. 

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