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Transmission Repair in San Carlos, CA

San Carlos and Valley Springs Transmission - Toole's Garage

Transmission problems and need for transmission repairs is understandably not something you want to experience. That’s why at Toole’s Garage in San Carlos we recommend regular service, including regular transmission fluid replacement. But if it should happen that your vehicle needs transmission repair, our San Carlos auto repair shop offers full range of transmission services and repairs, including transmission replacement, in case transmission repair would not be cost-effective.

Fortunately, your car will signal when the transmission starts to develop problems. By catching issues early and having them fixed, you will prevent a minor problem from becoming worse and avoid the expense of a full transmission rebuild. So how can you detect when your vehicle’s transmission is having problems? The following information will let you know what to watch out for:

1. Fluid leak

As you're probably aware, transmission fluid is critical for things to work correctly since it helps lubricate the transmission, and helps with transmission cooling as well. When the fluid starts to leak, the transmission will be forced to operate with low fluid leading to a higher risk of overheating. A leak doesn't necessarily mean your transmission is failing, but it may cause a serious problem if left unchecked. You can detect fluid leak by checking underneath your car for drops (or in serious case, a puddle) of red or brown liquid.

2. Strange smell

A strange odor is never a good sign when it's coming from your car. If you perceive a distinct, acrid odor that smells like burning rubber, you should make an appointment to have it checked out. Although it can be caused by several things, a hot burning smell often indicates low fluid levels, resulting in friction that causes overheating.

3. Unusual noises

If you hear clunking, whining, or grinding sounds coming from your car, it's obvious that something is wrong. It could be a symptom of transmission fluid being low, which means insufficient lubrication, and can produce weird sounds when the gears lock into place.

4. Transmission slippage

You're experiencing transmission slipping if you're driving, and it seems the transmission shifts gears for no apparent reason, this definitely indicates need for professional attention.

5. Check Engine Light is on

Sometimes transmission issues may results in the 'Check Engine Light' being illuminated. Whenever the check engine light comes on, we recommend a visit to your friendly San Carlos auto repair garage – driving around with the check engine light on may result in serious condition not being corrected, and thus result in expensive repairs.

Toole’s Garage in San Carlos offers full range of transmission services and repairs. We are a family owned and operated auto repair garage, and offer everything your vehicle needs to serve you faithfully for years. When your vehicle comes to our San Carlos auto repair facility, whether for service or repairs, you can expect friendly customer service, as well as:

  • Nationwide 36 months / 36,000 miles warranty for your peace of mind
  • Military and First Responder discounts
  • Original Equipment equivalent or better quality parts
  • Repair Pal “Top Shop” Award winner
  • Certified Green Business – “Cool California” Award Winner
  • Complimentary local Lyft

Whether your vehicle’s transmission is failing, or simply making you concerned, it's important to have it checked by a competent and experienced mechanic without delay. So call Toole’s Garage in San Carlos, or make an appointment online.

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