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Our exclusive technology can prevent your Hybrid from needing a new battery!

Restore your hybrid battery to 95% of original condition and state of charge with an environmentally sound alternative to battery replacement. PLUS save $1,000 of dollars!

With our Comprehensive State of Health and Battery Conditioning Service, you will experience increased Fuel Economy, Vehicle Performance and Cost Savings!

Comprehensive State-of-Health High Voltage Diagnostic Service

  • Power and Energy testing of the high voltage battery
  • Electrical and diagnostic inspection of hybrid Transmission, rotor and stator of the hybrid drive motor and generator
  • Test and analyze transmission drive motor/power invertorsystem
  • Test and analyze hybrid charging system (DC to DC convertor)
  • Inspection of all cabling from battery packs for breakage, cuts and wear.
  • Includes road test

Test and Condition Battery Service

  • Power and Energy of hybrid battery system, bringing battery to zero State of Charge (cycling battery) and bringing battery back up to the proper, full state of charge
  • Includes inspecting all cabling from battery packs for breakage, cuts, and wear
  • Includes 2 cycles

High Voltage Cable - Inspection and Repair

Cables are vital to ensure efficient operation of your hybrid vehicle

  • Inspect all cabling from the battery packs for breakage, cuts or wear
  • Repair and replace as needed

Prices vary with parts required and labor time

About our Technology:

Our San Carlos Hybrid Shop has partnered up with Automotive Research & Design who are experts in training and developing proprietary electrical equipment for use exclusively for these services. Our technology solutions are scientifically-backed and provide repeatable results!