Steering Repair in San Carlos and Valley Springs, CA

Have you ever driven your car, turned the steering wheel, only to find that you have to turn sharper or harder than expected??  Wouldn’t it be nice to turn your steering wheel and feel the immediate response to hit the curve like you are a Nascar driver? 

Toole’s Garage recommends a flush of this oily-type fluid to keep your total cost of ownership down.  Your power steering pump could produce metal shavings that may collect around the seals as it is pushed through the system.  Keeping these seals tight is extremely important due to the pressure under which they operate and clean fluid keeps the mechanism operating smoothly.  If you remember the old days, before power steering, you will remember the work out you get when your power steering isn’t operating!!  By servicing your power steering system, your car will react better when needed.  Keeping you safer on the road! 

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