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Engine Timing Explained - Why Is It So Important

Engine Timing Explained - Why Is It So Important

Do you know what makes your engine tick? What determines how efficiently and powerfully your engine runs? The answer is engine timing, a complex and crucial process that synchronizes the movement of your engine's valves and pistons. Engine timing is responsible for regulating the combustion of fuel and air in your engine, which translates into the power and performance of your vehicle. Let's take a closer look at this fascinating component! The Basics - What is Engine Timing? Engine timing refers to the coordination of the opening and closing of the engine's valves in relation to the movement of the pistons. This synchronization is not a mere mechanical formality but a carefully calculated maneuver that ensures the engine operates at its optimal efficiency. Ignition Timing Ignition timing, a vital subset of engine timing, governs the preci ... read more

Prius Service in Valley Springs, CA

Servicing your Prius should be a regular affair, both to keep your Prius in top shape, and also to prevent unnecessary repairs. Fortunately, Prius vehicles rarely break down, but regular service is what keeps even those rare repairs at bay. Oil change is, naturally, the most frequent, and some would argue, most important service. Regular oil changes extend engine life. They are doubly important for Prius vehicles, though, because most Prius models tend towards excessive oil consumption. Some of the older Prius vehicles can consume as much as 1 quart per 1000 miles driven. At Toole’s Garage in Valley Springs, we recommend that you check engine oil regularly, and top it off every 1000 – 2000 miles, especially if  your Prius tends to consume engine oil in large quantity ( your vehicle should consume very little engine oil between oil changes – 1 quart over 5000 miles would be considered borderline excessive). Another reason to bring your Prius to our Valley Sprin ... read more

Prius Inverter Replacement in San Carlos CA

Prius vehicles continue to be some of the most popular cars on the Bay Area roads. Well-known for their reliability and longevity (300,000 miles for a well maintained Prius is not unusual). However, with that longevity come some repairs – in the case of a typical Prius it may mean inverter replacement. Prius inverters have not been trouble free - Toyota did issue a recall for Prius inverter related problems. Some vehicles suffered thermal damage to the system which may result in inverter failure. In addition, on older Prius vehicles, the inverter can simply fail due to age. Typical symptoms of the inverter problem is your Prius going into neutral, and hybrid system warning and power steering warning coming “on”. This could indicate that inverter replacement may be a necessity. To be sure, and to avoid blindly “throwing parts” at a problem, we recommend taking your Prius to a professional mechanic who specializes in hybrid vehicles. Our San Carlos auto ca ... read more

RAM Promaster City Service and Repair in San Carlos CA

If your RAM Promaster City needs service, or diagnostics or repairs, Toole’s Garage in San Carlos offers complete Promaster care. Our nationally ASE certified technicians have extensive RAM diagnostic experience, and use state-of-the-art digital diagnostic tools to get to the bottom of any problem your RAM may exhibit. Whether it’s the heated seat is not working, or your Promaster City has electrical system problem, we can get to root cause of the issue and get it fixed. If your Promaster City is a fleet vehicle, inquire about our priority fleet service – we want to get your van back on the road so it’s making you money. When you bring your vehicle to our San Carlos auto repair facility, our friendly service advisors will take great care of you and your vehicle, and you can also expect a free digital vehicle inspection that will keep you up to date about the condition of your Promaster, and a nationwide 36 months / 36,000 miles warranty on all repairs performe ... read more

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