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Honda Suspension Repair in San Carlos, CA

Rough surfaces, potholes and bumps could wreck havoc on your Honda but the suspension system is why that doesn’t happen. It is responsible for delivering a comfortable driving experience by smoothing out the effects of the bumps and potholes. It also helps to keep your tires in contact with the ground, giving you controlled ride and preventing rollover accidents. Since it’s hard at work every day, over time various suspension components may wear down or even break. Toole’s Garage in San Carlos offers full range of suspension testing and repairs. Signs your Honda needs suspension repair Suspension deterioration usually happens gradually, over extended period of time, and we do not notice these gradual changes. Only when it’s repaired do we realize how much better the car handles, and how much smoother it rides. Here are some signs to watch out for: Oily shocks If the shocks are leaking oil, shock replacement is a necessity ... read more

Audi TPMS Warning Repair in Valley Springs, CA

Your Audi’s dashboard contains a number of warning lights that tell you the status of your vehicle. Tire Pressure Monitoring Light (TPMS) has an exclamation point, surrounded by something that is supposed to represent a tire. If your Audi computer turns on this light, it’s telling you that one or more of the tires are under-inflated – or that there is a problem with the TPMS sensor system.   What is TPMS? The TPMS or Tire Pressure Monitoring System became a mandatory component on U.S. vehicles since 2008. Its main function is to alert you of notable change in air pressure occurring in the tires. In other words, the system monitors your tires to inform you whenever they are either overinflated or under-inflated. Tire-related problems are one of the highest causes of accidents in the world and this system was designed to address this issue. By alerting you to unusual pressure in the tires, TPMS helps to prevent problems such as flat tires, uneve ... read more

Chevrolet Electrical System Diagnostics and Repairs in Valley Springs, CA

Electrical faults in an automobile can cause a great deal of inconvenience as they affect the overall performance of your Chevrolet. Moreover, they can be some of the most difficult problems to track down, especially if the problem is intermittent, as electrical problems often are.  If your Chevrolet has an electrical fault, call your local mechanic to make an appointment. At Toole’s Garage in Valley Springs we offer full range of electrical system diagnostics and repairs. Signs your Chevrolet has an electrical problem Electrical warning signs come in various forms, so you need to know what to look out for when checking for possible faults. Here are some signs to look out for.  Engine won’t crank Your Chevrolet needs sufficient electrical power to start and turn. In most instances where an engine refuses to crank or start, the problem could be a dead battery, a failing starter or an electrical drain. Blown fuse ... read more

Subaru Starter Replacement in San Carols, CA

Many vehicle owners assume that a dead battery is the only culprit whenever their Subaru refuses to start. While this may the case in many instances, another possible reason why you may struggle to get your vehicle’s engine running is a failing starter. The starter is a vital component that cranks your engine when you turn the key. Signs your Subaru needs a new starter When the starter in your Subaru fails, you can’t go anywhere. However, there are signs your vehicle gives you before your starter stops working. Here are the top symptoms: Engine won’t turn over The most obvious sign that your car’s starter is getting bad is when you push the start button or turn the key and the engine refuses to crank or cranks slowly. You may even hear the clicking sound when you turn the key yet get no response. It may start eventually, but it clearly struggles to get going. Strange noises When you turn the key or push ... read more

Audi Brake Pads Replacement in Valley Springs, CA

Your vehicle’s brake system comprises a number of components that all play a critical role in ensuring your safety and that of your passengers. Brake pads press against rotors to create friction that slows down your Audi.  Since they’re a contact wear item, brake pads suffer wear and tear and need replacement from time to time. Signs your Audi needs brake pads replacement Since brake pads are just one of the several components that make up the brake system, identifying the symptoms of worn or damaged brake pads can be tricky. Here are common signs to help you figure out that brake pads might be the problem:   Noisy brakes If you hear a grinding noise anytime you press the brakes, it’s likely because the brake pads are worn out. These strange noises are produced when metal scrape against metal between the brake pad backing plate and the rotor. Brake warning light Your Audi’s brake system has a dedic ... read more

Audi Battery Replacement in San Carlos, CA

Audi Battery Replacement in San Carlos, CA Toole’s Garage offers Audi owners full range of maintenance services and repairs, including Audi battery replacement. Car battery is a vital part of the electrical system that powers your vehicle. If a battery ever died in your car, you know the inconvenience – at Toole’s Garage we offer battery testing and battery replacement, so you never have to be stuck somewhere without power and ability to get your car going. Car batteries will typically last about 4-5 years. So if your Audi has not had a battery replacement for that period of time, it’s a good idea to bring it to our San Carlos auto care facility to have the battery tested -  we can combined battery testing with an oil change, so you don’t have to make two trips. At a minimum, we recommend that you are familiar with the signs that could indicated that your Audi battery is starting to fail – if you notice any of the symptoms li ... read more

Audi AC Refill in Valley Springs, CA

Audi AC Refill in Valley Springs, CA

Audi AC Refill in Valley Springs, CA Audi a/c system needs regular maintenance – and one aspect of the Audi ac maintenance is a/c refill. We normally don’t think much about the air conditioning system – until it no longer blows the cold air we desire. In Valley Springs, during summer, getting the a/c system working correctly is important. We recommend a/c check in the spring, so if it turns out that the system is not functioning correctly, you can get if fixed long before the hot summer days. Your Audi’s a/c system can suffer from a variety of issues – ventilation fan not working, mildew or mold, leaks, bad air compressor – but if the air does blow, and it otherwise seems ok, but the air not as cold as you desire, there is a good chance that a/c refill is indicated. In California we have stringent rules governing a/c refills. At Toole’s Garage we follow these rules not only because the government compels us to follow them, b ... read more

Honda Spark Plugs Replacement in Valley Springs, CA

Honda Spark Plugs Replacement in Valley Springs, CA

Honda Spark Plugs Replacement in Valley Springs, CA Spark plugs ignite the air-gasoline mixture which powers your Honda. Though they may seem insignificant, they are a key component in generating power for your vehicle. When spark plugs reach the end of their useful life, your vehicle’s performance will suffer. They only way to fix this problem is by replacing them with new spark plugs. Here are some symptoms that can alert you that your Honda needs spark plugs replacement: Check engine light gets turned “on” Bad spark plugs can lead to engine misfires. When that occurs, the onboard Honda computer will illuminate the check engine light. Rough idling Rough idling can occur for a number of reasons, bad spark plugs are one of them – when your car exhibits rough idling, it’s a good idea to have a professional mechanic investigate. Engine Misfires Failing sparkplugs can cause engine misfires – somet ... read more

Audi Brake Maintenance in San Carlos, CA

When you drive a high-performance vehicle, you need to be mindful of your braking system. To keep your Audi driving at its best, it needs regular service and brake maintenance. The actual frequency of your shop visits will depend on how much you drive and the typical driving conditions – lots of stop and go traffic, or driving where there are many hills, will shorten the interval between mechanic visits.  At our shop in San Carlos, CA, we offer full Audi brake service and maintenance. Our highly trained staff is well-versed in everything German engineering can produce, and we will make sure your Audi’s brakes are back to their full capacity.  Whether your Audi needs new brake pads, new rotors, brake fluid replacement, or your Audi suffers from a sticking caliper, our nationally ASE certified technicians will get the problem diagnosed and repaired.  At Toole’s Garage in San Carlos we love Audi vehicles, and our friendly service advisors will be happy t ... read more

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