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Windshield Wipers Replacement in San Carlos CA

Did you know that wiper blades have become a critical component of ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) and self-driving capabilities of modern vehicles? Indeed they are - that's because many ADAS systems and self-driving systems use forward looking cameras that rely on a clear windshield to provide onboard computers with the information they need to carry out ADAS and self-driving tasks. If the windshield wipers do not effectively remove water from the windshield, these systems can become confused, and unusable. At Toole's Garage in San Carlos we can provide your vehicle with quality wiper blades that will keep the windshield clear, and allow cameras to see clearly through the windshield. The first rains of the season are behind us, so surely you had an opportunity to notice if the windshield wipers are doing their job. So if you've noticed that your vehicle's wiper blades need to be replaced, call our friendly service advisors at Toole's Garage in San Carlo ... read more

Autumn Auto Tune Up in San Carlos, CA

Tune up used to be a ritual for most motorists. These days most cars are self-tuning, in many ways. Onboard sensors monitor various parameters and send the information to the computer which can adjust air intake, can vary the richness of air-fuel mixture, and based on that information, can calculate volume of exhaust, and thus monitor if various subsystems are working correctly. Yet, for all that computing power, there are still plenty of subsystems that need a human to verify that everything is ok. Belts and hoses need a professional to ascertain if they need to be replaced. Tire condition, tread depth, uneven wear, suspension, including shocks/struts, wheel alignment - these are crucial for fall and winter driving, yet they require an experienced professional and alignment equipment to verify that they are in good working order. That's why at Toole's Garage San Carlos we highly recommend Autumn tune-up, a thorough service and inspection, before the rains come.  In addit ... read more

Tire Service in San Carlos and Valley Springs, CA

Winter is upon us, and rain is in the forecast. This is the last chance to get your tire services before the rains arrive. So head out to Toole’s Garage in San Carlos or Valley Springs to get your car’s tires checked out.  We recommend following “pre-winter” checks: Tire tread check – bring your vehicle to Toole’s Garage for a tire tread check – we can check the tires and make sure there is enough tread left to drive safely in heavy rain. Tire pressure adjustment – low tire pressure contributes to faster tire wear, and lowers the speed at which your vehicle could hydroplane. We can check and adjust tire pressure to manufacturer specifications. Tire rotation – tires wear out unevenly, so having them regularly rotated evens out the wear and extends tire life. We recommend rotating your vehicle’s tires every time you get oil change – saves you an additional trip to the shop and makes it one less thing to remember ... read more



Drive Safely When Things Get Wet, Part 2

As the weather gets colder and wetter, there are a few things to consider to make sure your car or truck is safe and comfortable for winter driving. Brakes Wet and slick roads increase stopping distances significantly, so you need to brake sooner, react more quickly, maintain longer following distances, and avoid abrupt steering and braking that might induce a skid. Make sure your brake pads and shoes are in good shape, with even wear and adequate thickness, and that your rotors are smooth and sound. Brake fluid absorbs moisture from the air, which accumulates and reduces braking performance at the limit (when it really matters), and increases corrosion of brake lines and other parts of your braking system. Be sure to change your brake fluid every two years, regardless of mileage, and keep the system in good working order. Air Conditioning Now that you’re using the heater again, you may not be thinking much about your A/C ... read more


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