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Honda Repair in San Carlos, CA

Honda popularity never seems to diminish, as Honda continues to make highly reliable and fuel efficient vehicles. But even the best made vehicle needs regular service and occasional repairs. At Toole’s Garage in San Carlos we offer comprehensive Honda maintenance services and repairs. Our nationally ASE certified technicians have decades of experience working with Honda vehicles, and we equip them with the latest digital diagnostic tools so they can talk to Honda onboard computers. Our family owned San Carlos auto care facility offers complete range of Honda care, from oil changes, to brake pads replacement, check engine light diagnostics and repairs, transmission fluid replacement, shocks and struts and other suspension repairs, Honda electrical system repairs, transmission problems, and engine tune-up and repair, including Honda head gasket replacement. For your convenience we offer local Uber/Lyft, so you can get back home or to the office, while our highly skilled technicia ... read more

What is a timing belt and why do I have to change it?

What is a timing belt and why do I have to change it?

Hey Fans!   I get this question asked a lot. What is a Timing Belt, and why do I have to change it? Simply put, the timing belt is a toothed belt that keeps the engine in sync, or as its name mentions, time. There are essentially 2 halves of an engine, an upper half and a lower half. The bottom side of the engine is the crankshaft, it is known as the rotating assembly because the pistons are connected to the crankshaft. As the explosions happen from the fuel ignition in the cylinder, the pistons are forced downward causing the crankshaft to rotate. The crankshaft has a toothed gear on the front that the timing belt rides on. This rotation causes the belt to move and spin the other half of the engine that contains the camshaft, or multiple camshafts. They also have a toothed gear attached. This camshaft pushes on the valves against the springs to make them open. This lets air and fuel ... read more


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