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San Carlos Dodge RAM 1500 Service and Repair

Toole’s Garage is a family owned auto care facility that provides comprehensive San Carlos Dodge RAM 1500 services and repairs. We can be a one-stop San Carlos repair shop for all your Dodge RAM 1500 maintenance, repair and tire needs. Whether you own one vehicle or a fleet (we offer priority fleet service), our friendly service advisors and highly skilled technicians will do their utmost to keep your vehicle(s) in top shape. When you bring your Dodge to our San Carlos auto repair facility, our nationally ASE certified technicians will use state-of-the-art digital diagnostics tools to find the cause of the problems you Dodge is exhibiting and will get it repaired and ready for service – usually the same day. Our technicians can work on the entire Dodge RAM 1500 line of pickups, including EcoDiesel vehicles, HEMI-powered Dodge RAM 1500 Rebel, or the Dodge RAM 1500 Laramie Longhorn crew cab. All services and repairs performed by our technicians are backed by a nationwide ... read more

Brake Service in Valley Springs CA

Brakes are probably the second most vital safety item on your vehicle – right after the steering system. At Toole’s Garage in Valley Springs we offer comprehensive brake services. Whether your Toyota needs new brake pads, or your Chevy Silverado needs brake fluid change, or your Ford F-150 needs brake inspection – our technicians, certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), will get your vehicle’s brakes serviced and get it ready for the road. Our Valley Springs auto care facility offers full range of automotive services, but we consider brake service to be especially important. When you bring your vehicle to our shop, you will be greeted by our friendly service advisors, and can expect superior customer service, local shuttle for your convenience and 36 months / 36,000 mile warranty for your peace of mind. Modern brakes, whether disc brakes or drum brakes require regular service and inspections. Brake lines could go bad, stick ... read more

Prius Head Gasket Replacement in San Carlos CA

Toole’s Garage in San Carlos is the premier hybrid vehicle care center. We provide comprehensive hybrid services and repairs, including Prius head gasket replacement. Prius vehicles are well known for their reliability and longevity, but with advanced age may come the need to replace a blown head gasket.   Symptoms of head gasket failure: One of the symptoms is that the onboard computer illuminates the “check engine” light. The good news is that the check engine light can come “on” for a wide range of problems – so it does not have to indicate head gasket replacement.   Rattling noise and shaking is a symptom of misfire – this can accompany a blown head gasket because it allows coolant to seep into a cylinder, which causes misfires. This symptom may go away after 20 seconds or so, but will return when a cold engine is started again. Both of these symptoms indicate serious problems, so even though they may not mean a head gasket ... read more

Causes of the BMW “Remote Key Not Detected” Message

If your BMW does not want to start, and you get the “BMW remote key not detected” message, it means your BMW is not receiving a signal from the key. If you get that message, chances are one of the following events occurred: Keyless operation system is damaged Your key fob is damaged – BMW key fob water damage is a real possibility You have just changed key fob battery, and the key fob needs to be reprogrammed Fob battery is dead Body Domain Control Unit (BDC) problem – this unit controls most of BMW’s electrical components. Hardware damage or damaged/outdated software could trigger Remote Key Not Detected message. Sounds silly, but sometimes we just grab the wrong key fob – if you own more than one BMW, it can happen. At Toole’s Garage in San Carlos we are intimately familiar with BMW vehicles, and can identify the root cause of the BMW Remote Key Not Detected message, fix the problem, and get you back on the road. So if your BMW will not ... read more

How Do The Cooling System And Engine Work Together?

How Do The Cooling System And Engine Work Together?

Understanding the relationship between a vehicle's cooling system and engine involves unraveling the practical mechanics that ensure optimal performance.  Engine Operation Basics At the core of a car's functionality is the engine, responsible for converting fuel and air into mechanical power. This process generates heat, necessitating a reliable cooling system to prevent overheating and maintain efficiency. The Role of the Radiator The radiator acts as a heat dissipator, efficiently cooling the circulating coolant. This fluid, facilitated by hoses and a water pump, absorbs heat from the engine, and as it flows through the radiator, ambient air cools it. This process is vital for preventing engine overheating. Coolant Circulation The coolant's circulation through the engine and radiator is a straightforward proces ... read more

Jeep Service and Repair in Valley Springs CA

Toole’s Garage, the premier Valley Springs and Burson auto repair facility, provides comprehensive auto maintenance and repair services, including full range of Jeep services and repairs. From oil changes to engine repair and engine replacements, including, though not limited to, check engine light diagnostics and electric system problems, auto a/c refill and repair, brake services, transmission repair, shocks and struts, ball joints, tire repair and new tires – whatever your Jeep needs, our highly skilled, nationally ASE certified technicians, will find the problem and get it fixed. Toole’s Garage is a modern, family owned and operated auto repair facility serving Valley Springs, Burson and Wallace. You will find full range of Jeep services and repairs available at our auto repair shop. All work is backed by our industry leading 36 months / 36,000 miles nationwide warranty, and we provide free digital vehicle inspection with all services and repairs. So if “me ... read more

Tesla Tire Rotation in San Carlos CA

Toole’s Garage in San Carlos is the premier auto repair shop in the area, and provides broad range of automotive services, including Tesla tire rotation. Tire rotation, like the oil change – which you don’t have to worry about if you drive a Tesla - is one of these services we don’t think much about, even though they have huge impact on our wallets. Tire rotation evens out tire wear thus extending tire life. Regular tire rotation is especially important for electric vehicles, since their weight, torque, and in the case of Tesla, the sheer fun of driving it, result in accelerated tire wear. Tire rotation improves handling as well, and it can be done while you wait. At our San Carlos auto care facility we recommend following Tesla guidelines to perform tire rotation every 6250 miles. While we rotate the tires, we will also check tire tread, and adjust tire pressure to Tesla specifications. For conventional cars, 6250 miles roughly coincides with oil changes, so a ... read more

Pontiac Service and Repair in Valley Springs CA

Toole’s Garage in Valley Springs offers full range of Pontiac services and repairs – from check engine light diagnostics, to brake service, a/c refill, transmission problems, engine repair – whatever problems your Pontiac presents, our nationally ASE certified technicians can find the root cause and fix your vehicle – and we will fix it right the first time. Pontiac vehicles are fun to drive, but like all cars they need regular maintenance. At Toole’s Garage we offer complete gamut of maintenance services – from oil changes, 30,000 mile, 60,000 mile and 90,000 mile services, as well as manufacturer recommended services. As your Pontiac ages, regular checkups become even more important, that’s why we offer free digital vehicle inspection with every service or repair. When you service or repair your vehicle at our Valley Springs auto care facility, you can expect friendly service, quality repairs, and industry leading 36 months / 36,000 miles n ... read more

Windshield Wipers Replacement in San Carlos CA

Did you know that wiper blades have become a critical component of ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) and self-driving capabilities of modern vehicles? Indeed they are - that's because many ADAS systems and self-driving systems use forward looking cameras that rely on a clear windshield to provide onboard computers with the information they need to carry out ADAS and self-driving tasks. If the windshield wipers do not effectively remove water from the windshield, these systems can become confused, and unusable. At Toole's Garage in San Carlos we can provide your vehicle with quality wiper blades that will keep the windshield clear, and allow cameras to see clearly through the windshield. The first rains of the season are behind us, so surely you had an opportunity to notice if the windshield wipers are doing their job. So if you've noticed that your vehicle's wiper blades need to be replaced, call our friendly service advisors at Toole's Garage in San Carlo ... read more

Prius Water Pump Replacement in San Carlos CA

Water pump replacement is one of the likely repairs your Prius will undergo during its lifetime. Fortunately, Toole’s Garage offers San Carlos Prius water pump replacement, as well as a full gamut of Prius services and repairs. We back our work with a nationwide 36 months / 36,000 miles warranty. Prius vehicles last a long time, and they have multiple water pumps, so there is a very high probability that at some point your Prius will need a water pump replacement. Fortunately, our nationally ASE certified technicians can get the pump replaced and put your Prius back on the road in no time. Toole’s Garage in San Carlos offers full range of automotive service, including everything your Prius may need – from brake repair to hybrid battery replacement. We are a Hybrid Shop and have extensive experience working on hybrid vehicles, including handling high voltage batteries. So if your Prius needs service or repairs, our technicians have the experience and the latest digit ... read more

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