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Causes of the BMW “Remote Key Not Detected” Message

If your BMW does not want to start, and you get the “BMW remote key not detected” message, it means your BMW is not receiving a signal from the key. If you get that message, chances are one of the following events occurred: Keyless operation system is damaged Your key fob is damaged – BMW key fob water damage is a real possibility You have just changed key fob battery, and the key fob needs to be reprogrammed Fob battery is dead Body Domain Control Unit (BDC) problem – this unit controls most of BMW’s electrical components. Hardware damage or damaged/outdated software could trigger Remote Key Not Detected message. Sounds silly, but sometimes we just grab the wrong key fob – if you own more than one BMW, it can happen. At Toole’s Garage in San Carlos we are intimately familiar with BMW vehicles, and can identify the root cause of the BMW Remote Key Not Detected message, fix the problem, and get you back on the road. So if your BMW will not ... read more

BMW Oil Change in Valley Springs, CA

Regular oil change is one of the simplest, yet one of the most important maintenance services that will keep you BMW humming through the years. Fresh engine oil not only has the correct chemical and mechanical properties, but it also carries away dirt and gunk that gets created when various moving parts of the engine work in close proximity. The longer the interval between oil changes, the greater the degradation of the oil’s chemical and mechanical properties due to age and heat, and also, the greater the amount of gunk and dirt that the engine oil circulates through the engine – because engine oil filter has a limited capacity to filter out all those impurities. That’s why with every oil change professional mechanics also provide a fresh oil filter, so the system can work as designed, and provide maximum lubrication and cleaning for the engine. The rule of thumb says that you should have your BMW go through an oil change every 5000 miles (if using 100% synthetic o ... read more

BMW Engine Repair in Valley Springs, CA

The engine is one of the most important components of your BMW as it provides the power that moves it. It needs regular maintenance to deliver peak performance. Technicians who work at our Valley Springs auto care center could write volumes on BMW engine repair – obviously for the purpose of a blog post, we shall provide a highly abbreviated overview, and really only of the symptoms to watch out for. We highly recommend regular maintenance, which extends engine life, and provide predictable and worry-free ride. Signs your BMW’s engine needs repair The following signs are your BMW’s way of hinting that you need to book an appointment with an auto repair shop for engine repair. Excessive exhaust smoke One of the top signs of a failing engine is that your BMW starts producing a large amount of smoke. Ideally, your exhaust should produce translucent vapor not smoke. If you notice that the color is blue, black or white and it’s i ... read more

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