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Hyundai to Expand EV Production

According to ABC News, Hyundai has started construction of a huge electric vehicle factory in Georgia. When completed in 2025, the plant will first produce EV vehicles, and in 2026 it may also produce EV batteries. Hyundai is already second in EV sales in the United States, Tesla being number one, of course. This new Hyundai factory will produce 300,000 EV vehicles per year. In the meantime, Hyundai is also continuing its research on hydrogen fuel-cell powered vehicles. However, until the time when total EV sales exceed the total sales of internal combustion powered vehicles in the US, Hyundai plans to continue offering its current lineup of hybrid and plugin-hybrid vehicles. At Toole’s Garage in San Carlos we are hybrid vehicle specialists, and as electric vehicles become more and more popular, we continue to expand our skills and acquire equipment necessary to maintain and repair electric vehicles – so rest assured, whether you drive a gasoline powered Hyundai, hybrid ... read more


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Get Your Car Ready for the Fall Weather

Get Your Car Ready for the Fall Weather

Even though we are having lovely, unseasonably warm days, in the evening you can feel the chill of the Autumn. This is a good time to get your car ready for the cold night, and rains. After the summer fun, it’s time to get your vehicle inspected and prepared for the harsher driving conditions. At Toole’s Garage in San Carlos we recommend that you have professionals look at various components and system of your vehicle: Lights As the days get shorter, you vehicle’s exterior lights gain in importance. All exterior lights should be checked to make sure they operate properly and provide you with visibility on the road. Do not forget signal lights - they are important for your safety. Windshield Wipers Faulty windshield wipers in the middle of a rainstorm are no fun – and during summer we rarely use them, so it’s doubly important to do a windshield wiper check before the winter rains. Summer heat and sunlight tend to damage ... read more

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