Ceramic Brake pads, are they worth it?

Hey Fans and people who just want to know!


 I get the question asked a lot about brake pads.

There are so many brands and types out there, it feels just like walking down a grocery isle. "Hmm, do I go for the pads on the top shelf, or grab the cheap ones down below?" I usually will go with some sort of OEM brake pad that is Ceramic based.There are basically 3 types of pads now, an organic material, a semi-metallic material, and ceramic material.


Primarily, the organic gives you nice quiet brakes, low brake dust, but not the best feel when really needing to stop, meaning, the stopping power is the least effective. 



Semi-metallic pads have the best stopping power, but are noisy and create a lot of brake dust. We have also found that the copper used in brake pads is causing some problems in the environment (no good).


Lastly, there is ceramic pads. They are a great combination of both organic and semi-metallic. They are relatively quiet and have really good stopping power. They often times carry a higher price tag than organic, but we have found that when it comes to braking safety, the trivial amount spent for the better pads will always pay dividends. Hope that you have a better understanding of brake pads.

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