Do struts need to be replaced?

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I get many phone calls from potential clients that ask me if their shocks or struts really need to be replaced. They usually say, "my car does not seem bouncy" or " my car seems to handle very well". Those are both true statements. The downside to cars today is that they are built so well...........Did I just say that???? Yes, they are built very well, components last longer and the car feels fine with higher mileage. The concern with that is that the suspension components are moving a lot more than they would when things like the struts are worn, but you don't feel that as a driver. The manufacturer of struts says they should be replaced every 50,000 miles. The valving inside those struts move 75,000,000 times in 50k. 75 Million times, that is a lot. Not many things last that long.  When the valving wears down, it allows the strut (or shock absorber) to compress (compression) more than desired, which then allows the spring, which is wrapped around the strut, to compress more than desired, which will then push back to get back to its extended state. This is called Rebound. The strut, or shock is designed to slow compression as well as rebound. Some shocks or struts are great at both. Some are better at compression, but have too much rebound, making the vehicle a bit springy. When it comes to picking out the right struts or shocks for your vehicle, make sure you know what is going on there. Price should not be your only factor. These components are truly what makes a difference on how the vehicle rides and handles. At Toole's Garage, we install only high quality parts so your car rides as good as, or better than it did when new.


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