Hybrid Cars, what makes them different?

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The word Hybrid has been a very active word since year 2000. What does Hybrid mean? Well, when you say the word today, A car comes into mind, most likely, a Toyota Prius.


Hybrid essentially is the blending of different things. For example, have ever eaten a Pluot? It is a Hybrid of a plum and an apricot. Hybrid in a vehicle means that there are more than one mode of propulsion. There is an "Internal Combustion Engine" or ICE and a form of high voltage electric motor blended to work together. The high voltage motor requires electric current.

This comes from stored energy or the HV Battery. Typically, the HV battery is made up of many small batteries together in series to create a large high voltage battery.

The purpose of this technology is to allow high MPG. The HV system will produce torque to allow the ICE to not work as hard, this conserves fuel. One thing to remember, is that the ICE has engine oil and filters, like every other car. The difference is that the actual odometer mileage may not be actual ICE mileage. Use your discretion when it comes to your oil changes, if you are doing a ¼ of your miles in EV type mode, instead of changing the oil at 5k, stretch to 6,250ish if you want. You can read about my thoughts on oil in my OIL BLOG.

Just like any other component that has battery technology, how it runs down and how it is charged back up, can make the difference on how long the battery lasts. The Hybrid technology has been advancing significantly. We see such advancements in battery technology that the EV or Electric Vehicle market has been emerging with more vehicle lines. There is the Nissan Leaf, Tesla’s many models, BMW i3, Chevy Bolt, Fiat 500e, Ford Focus Electric, Hyundai Ionic, Kia Soul Electric, and the list goes on.

One maker that we are just chomping at the bit for is the new Fisker E-Motion with it’s potential game changing driving range (400 miles) and charge speed (125 mile charge in 9 minutes). We have worked on many of their original series hybrid Electric Vehicle Extended Range or EVER, and think the body lines of their vehicles are amazing.



So many of you know that I drive a 1956 Chevy Pickup truck that has a 2003 Chevy Silverado truck engine in it, so technically, it’s a Hybrid too :)






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