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Autumn Auto Tune Up in San Carlos, CA

Tune up used to be a ritual for most motorists. These days most cars are self-tuning, in many ways. Onboard sensors monitor various parameters and send the information to the computer which can adjust air intake, can vary the richness of air-fuel mixture, and based on that information, can calculate volume of exhaust, and thus monitor if various subsystems are working correctly. Yet, for all that computing power, there are still plenty of subsystems that need a human to verify that everything is ok. Belts and hoses need a professional to ascertain if they need to be replaced. Tire condition, tread depth, uneven wear, suspension, including shocks/struts, wheel alignment - these are crucial for fall and winter driving, yet they require an experienced professional and alignment equipment to verify that they are in good working order. That's why at Toole's Garage San Carlos we highly recommend Autumn tune-up, a thorough service and inspection, before the rains come.  In addit ... read more

MINI Cooper Service and Repair in Valley Springs, CA

It’s hard to believe that MINI Cooper brand is over 50 years old. At Toole’s Garage in Valley Springs we are Mini fans, and our technicians can provide your Mini with comprehensive care – from oil change, to oil leak repair, suspension problems, clutch replacement, electrical issues, to major engine repairs – if  your Mini is ailing, we can bring it back to full health. Our family owned and operated Valley Springs auto care garage offers friendly service, modern, family friendly facility, highly experienced mechanics certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), and state-of-the-art digital diagnostic tools to talk to your Mini’s on-board computers. We have access to the latest technical information, as well as OE quality parts so that all work performed on your Mini is done right the first time.  As a matter of fact, we back our work with 36 month / 36,000 mile nationwide warranty.  For your convenience we a ... read more

Control Arm Replacement in Valley Springs, CA

Control arm replacement is an infrequent repair, but as we keep our cars longer and longer (national average is over 14 years), it becomes more likely that control arms may fail. After all, they help the vehicle to remain in full contact with the ground and help us to maintain control – but to do so, they get a workout every time we drive the car. When the control arms start to fail, you will likely hear popping noise when driving over bumps, and car might veer to the side when driving. Uneven tire wear is also one of the symptoms of control arms going bad. So if you notice any of these symptoms, bring  your vehicle to our Valley Springs auto garage, and our nationally ASE certified mechanics will inspect your vehicle and let you know what it will take to fix it. In most cases we can replace control arms the same day, so you will have your vehicle back soon, ready for the road. Toole’s Garage is a family owned and operated auto repair facility in Valley Springs, and ... read more

Control Arm Bushing Replacement in Valley Springs, CA

Toole’s Garage, the premier Valley Springs auto care facility, offers broad range of suspension services and repairs, including control arm bushing replacement. Control arm bushings play a vital role in connecting control arms to the frame. Without them the control arms would wear out fast and a ride would be a noisy one. So what are the signs of bushings needing replacement? If you hear suspension squeaking when going over bumps, or you hear knocking sound (that’s likely metal-to-metal contact – something bushings are supposed to prevent), there is a good chance control arm bushings are failing. When you bring your vehicle to our Valley Springs auto care shop, our nationally ASE certified technicians will inspect your vehicle and we will let you know the root cause of the problem. Bushings can usually be replaced the same day, so if you drop off the car in the morning, it will be waiting for you before the day is over. All repairs performed by our mechanics are cov ... read more

Honda Suspension Repair in San Carlos, CA

Rough surfaces, potholes and bumps could wreck havoc on your Honda but the suspension system is why that doesn’t happen. It is responsible for delivering a comfortable driving experience by smoothing out the effects of the bumps and potholes. It also helps to keep your tires in contact with the ground, giving you controlled ride and preventing rollover accidents. Since it’s hard at work every day, over time various suspension components may wear down or even break. Toole’s Garage in San Carlos offers full range of suspension testing and repairs. Signs your Honda needs suspension repair Suspension deterioration usually happens gradually, over extended period of time, and we do not notice these gradual changes. Only when it’s repaired do we realize how much better the car handles, and how much smoother it rides. Here are some signs to watch out for: Oily shocks If the shocks are leaking oil, shock replacement is a necessity ... read more

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