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Tire Check Before the Winter Rains

Tire Check Before the Winter Rains

With the Fall upon us, the rains are coming soon. At Toole’s Garage in San Carlos and Valley Springs we recommend tire inspection before the wet weather arrives. Tires are vital to your driving safety. With wet roads and less daylight, you want to make sure your vehicle’s tires are in good condition. At a minimum, we recommend following checks:  • Tire air pressure check (if your vehicle has tire pressure monitoring system – most vehicles do – it will alert you with this icon     if tire air pressure drops) • Inspect all tires for irregular wear patterns which could mean alignment problems • Check for any visible tire problems – if your vehicle has bald tires, tire rot, cords/wire showing - it’s time for new tires • Check tires for punctures, nails, or cuts • Check tread depth  You can do these checks at home, but if you prefer to have professionals do the inspection, call our San Carlos o ... read more



Audi TPMS Warning Repair in Valley Springs, CA

Your Audi’s dashboard contains a number of warning lights that tell you the status of your vehicle. Tire Pressure Monitoring Light (TPMS) has an exclamation point, surrounded by something that is supposed to represent a tire. If your Audi computer turns on this light, it’s telling you that one or more of the tires are under-inflated – or that there is a problem with the TPMS sensor system.   What is TPMS? The TPMS or Tire Pressure Monitoring System became a mandatory component on U.S. vehicles since 2008. Its main function is to alert you of notable change in air pressure occurring in the tires. In other words, the system monitors your tires to inform you whenever they are either overinflated or under-inflated. Tire-related problems are one of the highest causes of accidents in the world and this system was designed to address this issue. By alerting you to unusual pressure in the tires, TPMS helps to prevent problems such as flat tires, uneve ... read more

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