Tires in San Carlos, CA

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 I often get asked the question "Do you replace tires at Toole's Garage?". Well, we absolutely do take care of our clients tires, we also align the vehicle as well. What you should know about tires however, is something that most tire places don't know, or won't mention. The reason why tires vary in price so much is mostly due to the quality of the tire, in some cases, the brand name actually will dictate some of the cost, just like anything else. But there are many ratings when it comes to tires. There is tread wear, temperature, and traction. Tread wear is listed as a number, it typically determines the composition of the rubber if it's either going to be a very hard rubber or a very soft rubber. The hard rubber tires will have a long tread life, but typically are not as grippy once warmed up. On the contrary most soft rubber tires are very grippy when warmed up this resulting in shorter tread life and are usually better in dry weather. There are pros and cons to both types of tires, it really depends on HOW you drive, WHERE you drive, and how many MILES you drive. Temperature ratings are the A-F system, with AA being great.Traction rating is the same. The recommendation for tire replacement is for either tread wear or age. The length of time tires should stay in service is about 5 to 6 years. The DOT recommends that tires be replaced when they reach 3/32" tread depth. If you don't have a tread depth gauge, a penny will do the trick. If the tread depth does not reach Lincoln's head when inserted in the tread upside down then that means it is less than 3/32". At Toole's Garage, we will determine how many miles you will drive in a five or six year span and what type of driving that you do to determine what tire will really be the best for you on your car. You may have the exact same car as your neighbor but if you commute longer, or have a more curvy roads to navigate, then the tires that we'll recommend for you will be completely different. We know that tires are expensive, but when it is the most important thing separating your car and the road, think about what matters the most...... YOU DO! I hope you got a little insight to our thought process on our decision making for you tires. Click HEREto receive $10 off Tire Installation.


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