The Power of Steering...

Today's blog is about the power steering fluid and system. This fluid is very often overlooked. It resides in a reservoir and runs through a little "blender" called a power steering pump every time the engine is running. This fluid is an oil, just like any other. It does have some special additives and characteristics that are unique, but still, just another fluid. The power steering fluid will slowly populate with fine aluminum/metal shavings from the power steering pump, much like when you sharpen a knife on a stone with oil. These shavings will eventually work their way throughout the system and find a place to call home. They usually will embed by seals and o-ringed areas. Since the fluid is pressurized from the pump to operate, the seals in the system are important to keep the fluid from leaking out. All seals, over time, will harden up and not seal as well. Once a piece of the shavings gets between the seal and whatever it is sealed against, a leak will occur. When the power st ... read more


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