• Dealer or Independent????

    Sunday 20 May 2012

    We are asked this question quite a bit, so we decided to write down our OPINION on this subject. Firstly, a dealer is a great option if you do not have a solid "independent specialist" within reasonable distance of convenience. The dealer offers all high quality OEM (original equipment parts). Their skill set is generally good. There is however a big curve of skill set at a dealership. There are "just started today" low dollar apprentices all the way to high caliber/paid diagnosticians or Mast... read more

  • Conventional oil vs. Synthetic oil...THE CONTROVERSY!

    Saturday 19 May 2012

    A question that our customers ask is “What do you think about synthetic oil?” Our OPINION goes a little something like this..... We like synthetic oils. It is a better quality oil by far. Molecularly it does not break down like petroleum based or conventional oil, which means it is fighting against metal wear. We would suggest that everyone convert to synthetic oil. That being said, there is the idea that it lasts twice or three times as long in there as conventional oil, which molecularly is... read more

  • My car is not worth that much!!...Is it?!?!?!?

    Friday 18 May 2012

    Hello readers, it is a sad time in a car's life when it reaches that 8 and 10 year old mark (so young) when the inevitable replacement of items starts to happen. If your shop has not been proactive in the recommendation of wear items, they can start to add up. $900 for struts, $600 for hoses, $500 for ball joints, etc. If that is all recommended at once, with some fluid maintenance, you are sitting at $2,100. The question we get asked, mostly by newer customers of ours is...."The car is not wo... read more

  • The Power of Steering...

    Thursday 17 May 2012

    Today's blog is about the power steering fluid and system. This fluid is very often overlooked. It resides in a reservoir and runs through a little "blender" called a power steering pump every time the engine is running. This fluid is an oil, just like any other. It does have some special additives and characteristics that are unique, but still, just another fluid. The power steering fluid will slowly populate with fine aluminum/metal shavings from the power steering pump, much like when you s... read more